Rug Cleaning Brisbane

Finest Rug Cleaning Service In Brisbane

Many homeowners try to clean rugs at home but it may cause severe damage to the fabric and you will soon end up spending a lot of your money on replacing it with a new one. So to save your money and time, you can hire the professional rug cleaners.

We at Ians Cleaning Services, offer almost all types of rug cleaning services. We have been cleaning rugs for many years now and our staff is highly experienced. Our team makes use of strong and safe solutions to eliminate all the dirt, allergens and stains accumulated in your rug. We are well-equipped with industry-level machines to steam clean and dry clean the rug in an effective manner. Your rugs will get a shining and spotless look with our exceptional cleaning. So to avail of our service, reach out to us at 0482077937.

Rug Cleaning Brisbane

    Different Types Of Rug Cleaning Services We Offer In Brisbane

    • Rug stain removal
    • Rug steam cleaning
    • Pet urine stain removal
    • Rug dry cleaning
    • Rug sanitization
    • Mould removal from rug
    • Coffee or tea stain removal
    • Bloodstain removal
    • Wine stain removal
    • End of lease rug cleaning
    • Same day rug cleaning
    • Emergency rug cleaning and so on.

    Affordable Rug Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning is always the best cleaning method as it deeply cleans the rug removing all the stains, dirt and other allergens present on it. We have an expert team to perform the hot water extraction method. Our cleaners will first inspect the rug and then apply the steam cleaning method. Moreover, we use an eco-friendly solution while cleaning the rug so that there is no chemical residue. So if your rug is very filthy then do not think twice and hire our best steam cleaning service to make it look new and elegant again.

    Professional Rug Stain Removal

    Trying DIY methods to remove the stains from the rug is not a good idea as it can make the stains messier. Our professionals have proper knowledge about different types of stains and use a suitable and safe solution to treat them. No matter how tough the stains are, our team will remove them within the estimated time. We even offer same-day rug stain removal service at a reasonable price. The different types of stains which our cleaners can eliminate are as follows:

    Professional Rug Stain Removal Brisbane
    • Nail polish stains
    • Ink stains
    • Water stains
    • Food stains
    • Tea or coffee stains
    • Pet urine stains
    • Bloodstains
    • Wine stains
    • Vomits stains and so on.

    Rug Sanitisation

    Irritated with the bad urine smell or vomit odour? Do not worry we are here to help you. Ians Cleaning Services provides the best rug sanitization service in Brisbane. We make use of commercial and exclusive products to eliminate all the bad odour from your rug. The rug will not only be deodorized but we will also disinfect it. The best thing is we charge a very nominal price for sanitizing the rug and even work on weekends. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to sanitize your rug by the finest rug cleaning service provider.

    Bacteria And Mould Removal From Rug

    Sometimes your rug may get damaged by the flood and if not cleaned properly there are chances of mould and bacteria formation on it. We have a smart team of professionals who will remove all the bacteria using the excellent technique. Our mould removal procedure is very effective and safe. Your rug will be soon bacteria-free with our cleaning. Mould can cause several allergens so it is essential to contact us the moment you see the sign of mould on your rug. Call us on 0482077937, to book our service.

    How Do Our Experts Clean The Rug?

    Our team of experts use the most effective and safe method to clean the rug. We believe in delivering the 100% best result to our clients. Our rug cleaning procedure is as follows:

    • Rug Inspection: Firstly, our cleaners will inspect the rug as it helps in determining the type and what cleaning method to be used accordingly.
    • Steam Clean/ Dry Clean: Steam cleaning and dry cleaning are two best methods and according to the type of fabric we choose one method among them to clean the rug.
    • Stain Treatment: In the next step, we will treat the stains using the eco-friendly solution.
    • Drying: Once we are done with cleaning your rug thoroughly, we will dry it using the most advanced technology dryers.
    • Sanitization: In our last step of the cleaning procedure, our professionals will sanitize the rug to make it smell refreshing.
    • Post-inspection: To check whether your rug is cleaned properly, we will do a final inspection.

    Commercial Rug Cleaning Service

    Ians Cleaning Services also provide commercial rug cleaning services in Brisbane. We have many commercial clients in the town including offices, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and so on. Our team even works on weekends to provide the best rug cleaning services to our valuable clients. So to book our affordable and finest commercial rug cleaning services, get in touch with us today.

    How Ians Cleaning Services Is The Best Rug Cleaning Company In Brisbane?

    We are a leading rug cleaning company and have a good reputation in Brisbane. There are many reasons which make us the best and different from our competitors such as:

    Best Rug Cleaning Brisbane
    • We have well qualified and experienced staff.
    • Use a biodegradable rug cleaning solution.
    • Our company works on weekends and public holidays.
    • We are available for same-day service.
    • Work round the clock.
    • Quick and safe service.
    • Provide 100% excellent results.
    So to get your hands on our cost-effective rug cleaning services, call us today at 0482077937.


    1)Is your steam cleaning method safe for an expensive rug?

    Yes, we make use of the best steam cleaning machines and safe solutions and thus your expensive rug will get a new look with our cleaning.

    2)Do you provide blood stain removal service in the eastern suburb of Brisbane?

    We provide our rug blood stain removal service in all the suburbs of Brisbane including eastern regions.

    3)Is your service affordable compared to other companies?

    Yes, our rug cleaning services are very affordable. We believe in delivering quality service at a reasonable price.