Affordable Mattress Cleaning

My dog peed all over the mattress and the mattress looked and smelled really bad. I called Ians Cleaning Services and they sent someone 1 hour later! Same day! They took out all the spots and my mattress smells fresh now. They come right on time and are very helpful!! They know what they’re doing. They took all stains off my mattress!! I would recommend this company to all my friends’ thanks!
- Bowen

Professional Couch Cleaning

Great job! We used this company to clean our sofas after 5 years of heavy use by us and our 2 spoiled dogs. They were really dirty! I actually didn't think that the sofas could be made to look nice and clean again. Happily I was wrong. The team at Ians Cleaning Services did a pretty wonderful job bringing our sofas back to life - they look new again. Additionally their team was very communicative and skilled, they called the day before to confirm and again the morning of to provide a more finite ETA. All in all we're very happy to recommend them.
- Nigel

Specialised Mattress Cleaning

We have got our mattress cleaned with this company. They offered us a great deal for both mattresses cleaning for very affordable price. Scheduling was very simple; it took a couple of minutes. They employees came on time and did a great job. There were two guys who were very helpful and thorough at every stage of the cleaning. I recommend IANS Cleaning Services. They are great for mattress cleaning services!
- Richard Lee

Mattress Steam Cleaning

Awesome upholstery cleaning! I called around noon and got service the same day. The guys were thorough, professional and fast! My five year old white colored couch had never been professionally cleaned. It was dingy, dirty and had enough dog hair in it to build a whole new dog. The guys at IANS Cleaning Services brought it back to life and it looks nearly new!
- Jake Arman

The Best Carpet Cleaning Service

I feel Ians team is providing the best service for Carpet Cleaning job. Trust me, the professional carpet cleaning service do awesome work and make your carpet looking as a new one. The company have adequate knowledge and effective equipment to manage the task. Thank you Ians Cleaning Services for you kind help. They are really providing a cost effective service. Just do not think more, go with Ians Cleaning Services.
- Jackson

Good Bye Stain

Thank you Ians Cleaning Services for your great help. I find you the best service provider for my kitchen Tiles Cleaning need . Ians is a cost effective service . You will get the best value for your money. Ians Tile Cleaning have a very good team of skilled professional to handle the task of Tile Cleaning. They do a nice job of removing the stain from the Tiles. Thank you Ians Cleaning Services. Keep up good work.
- Charlie

The Best Mattress Help

The manual process of washing, cleaning and dusting is not enough for the detail cleaning and dust removal of mattress. I feel Ians is providing the best services for your mattress Cleanings requirement. Thank you Ians mattress Cleaning for your timely help. I would like to recommend you to all my friends. Keep up good work guys. Ians mattress Cleaning Services are hard on the dirt and dust but very careful with your mattress. So book them today for a good mattress life.
- Jayden

The Best Curtain Cleaning Service

Thank you Ian Cleaning Services for your great help. Ian Cleaning Services have a very good team of skilled professional to handle the task of curtain Cleaning. You will get the best value for your money. Ian Cleaning Services do a nice job in removing the stain from the curtain and making them as a new one. Thank you Ian Cleaning Services. I would like you recommend you to everyone. Keep up good work guys.
- Adam

Awesome Upholstery Cleaning Service

If you want to keep your upholstery in a better condition, then do not take the risk of cleaning it by your own. Ian Cleaning Services have all the skill to deal with your upholstery and give them a new look. I am quite happy with their services. The best thing is that, now you can book them with a simple phone call. Is not it great! What else you need?
- Ryan

”Finest Service”

Ians Cleaning Services impressed me in the first instance. I placed an order for all the carpets for my home and office last month. As expected the team did a good job on all of my carpets. They are really experts in cleaning carpets. I suggest everyone to take the professional assistance of Ians Cleaning Services to keep your carpets in a better condition. I could find no stains left on my carpets after my carpets got cleaned they are looking new and fresh. Ians Cleaning Services is not at all pricey and delivers the best carpet cleaning service to their clients. I liked your service very much, guys. I would love to recommend you to all my friends. Keep up doing the good work.
- William

”Experienced Cleaners”

They have experienced and well-trained cleaners. Ians Cleaning Services has been cleaning our mattress for many years now. We choose them because they are honest, secure, reliable, and considerate. They have a high standard of cleanliness and we wish them good luck for the coming years as well. For us, they are the most trustworthy guys whom we can allow to come to our home and clean our mattress.
- Thomus

”Very Happy”

The Ians Cleaning Services team did great work, and the result is very satisfying indeed. I am very pleased with it, and more importantly, my mom is very, very pleased. The floors look as good as they did 25 years ago, and the new sealant around the bathroom fixtures makes the place look clean and well maintained. Thank you very much for all of your efforts on this project. I am definitely recommending you guys to all my friends.
- Thomus

"Amazing Experience"

What an amazing experience I felt so relaxed it's unquestionably worth more than the charges. I can't tell enough in praising their awesome upholstery cleaning service. Thank you
- Sharbel

”Above Expectations”

Ians Cleaning Services was above our expectations. We are completely satisfied with the service of Ians Cleaning Services company. We used their carpet cleaning services a few days back and our carpets have got a new life. They cleaned our carpet really well. After cleaning my carpet they even sanitized and deodorized it. We even liked their customer care team who answered all our questions and helped in booking the best service for our carpet cleaning requirement. Now we do not have to worry about bad looking stains and odour. Thank you Ians Cleaning Services for your wonderful service.
- Fasiu

Great Result

I want of thanks the whole team of IANS Cleaning Services for providing great carpet patching service to me. What I found is they use the best designs for carpet patching. I am really impressed with them as the team even help you find the most suitable patch to cover the spot area in the carpet. They carefully fixed the patch. The result is amazing. The team who came to my place was very hardworking and did the job excellently. Thank you so much, IANS Cleaning Services. Your work is highly appreciated. I am definitely going to recommend your name to all my friends.
- Jess

Use of natural methods

Ians Cleaning Services experts are highly-skilled in getting things done immediately. Carpet repair services in this great price is quite beneficial. I highly recommend this to my friends for thier carpet sevices
- Eleanor Graham

Clean your house carpet with IANS Cleaning ServicesCarpet Cleaning Company

I have put the carpet in almost all the rooms. Often they get dirty. So it is very important to be cleaned on a regular basis. When I call this carpet cleaning Company I was totally impressed with their working styles. They are so systematic and methodical at the same time.
- Hawi

Awesome experience with IANS Cleaning Services

I am a cook and own a restaurant. Naturally, eateries command hygiene. I was plagued by the continuous dirtiness of my carpets. I was recommended IANS Cleaning Services, and their superior carpet cleaning like magic. They made my carpets look brand new, and have even offered my one free servicing!
- Kyle ebony

Stupefying service from IANS Cleaning Services

I own a pizza shop and faced the issue of very dirty carpets every week. I was recommended to try IANS Cleaning Services. With their superior carpet cleaning services and professionalism, my carpets are cleaned every week with an astounding work ethic. I could not hope for anyone better than IANS Cleaning Services
- Joel Abbie

No More Stains With Ians Cleaning Services

Hire Ians Cleaning Services for the finest upholstery stain removal service. After the weekend part, I saw many stains on my couch and I was looking for a company who offers a quality couch stain removal service and then one of my friends suggested me this company. I booked their service and for my surprise, the team turned at my place on the same day of booking. I was amazed by their prompt service they removed all the stains from my couch and even sanitized it. I want to thanks them. You guys really did an excellent job. Keep it up.
- Joseph

10 on 10 service

I would like to give this company 10 on 10. Everything about this company is amazing. They provide superior customer service to their clients. Booking their service was easy and I received a free quote over the phone. I asked them if they can send their cleaners on the weekend and they agreed with it. The team of cleaners was there on the weekend at my place. They are expert in cleaning armchair. My armchair was shining after the team of Ians Cleaning Services cleaned it. They didn’t create any disturbance and gave me some good tips while leaving. They have friendly staff and the price they charge is also very nominal. I happily recommend this company to everyone.
- John

Exceptional Service

This is the first time I've had my carpets cleaned by the professionals of Ians Cleaning Services and I am fully satisfied. As with the first time, the service was exceptional and the carpet came out very clean. The team was right on the time. I highly recommend Ians Cleaning Services.
- Rebel

Satisfactory services

Amazing service. Ians Cleaning Services was friendly and did a wonderful job with the carpets. Will definitely be using and recommending this business to friends!! Fantastic price. Traveled just to help us. Highly recommended them.
- Cly

Perfectly work

We have given a few carpets which were very dirty to them - they cleaned them perfectly, they remove even tiny small stains as well. I appreciate with Ians Cleaning Services the teamwork. because they removed the small stains and delivered the carpets back - perfectly. highly recommended them.
- Blanchett

Wonderful quality of carpet cleaning

I bought a carpet as spending for the designer floor was not a great option for me. Also, carpet provided an excellent indoor environment by holding dust from the air. So, I thought to go for the professional carpet cleaning by Ians Cleaning Services for increasing the life of my carpet.
- Scott morgan

Steam carpet cleaning is superb

My carpet became a little rough so I gave it to Ians Cleaning Services. They asked me about the steam cleaning to be done on the carpet. This is the best cleaning method I have ever seen. This is because it not only cleans the carpet but also makes the carpet smoother.
- Barry Humphries

Best in the town

When it comes to carpet repairing services, I found them as the top runner.Their work is completely immaculate and have no escape clauses. Keep it up. Anticipating to get your best administrations once more.
- James Emily

Keep your carpets clean at the diagnostic centre

I am the owner of a small diagnostic centre that is located in a posh area of the city. Everyday many people come here for various tests and checkups. So the carpets that are laid on the floor must be clean. I call this Ians Cleaning Services company on a regular basis to clean the carpets. They are very good.
- Chelsea Brown

Roman Curtain Cleaning

I was amazed by their Roman Curtain cleaning. I had invested in some exclusive Roman curtains last year. Least I knew how difficult it would be clean them. So I called Ians Cleaning Services and I don’t have to worry about my Roman curtains now because they are being well taken care of.
- Nicholas Stephanie

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