Tips to Remove Nail Polish Stains from The Carpet

You will not get so shocked when you encounter that you have some coffee stains on your carpets but you will be surely shocked when you notice that there are stubborn nail polish stains on your carpets. 

True nail polish stains are indeed really hard to remove especially when they get on your expensive carpets. You might think thinner will remove them but during the DIY processes some people accidently damage their carpets. 

Hence it is advisable to let the professionals handle the problems like this. You can hire professional carpet cleaning in Canberra providers if you are not able to get rid of the problem on your own.

Remove Nail Polish Stains from The Carpet
Remove Nail Polish Stains from The Carpet

Here are The Tips to Remove Nail-Polish Stains from The Carpets

  • The first way to remove nail polish stains from the carpet is by soaking it as much as you can using a clean white towel or a piece of cloth.
  • You can also dry the stain completely and scrub it tenderly to remove it from the carpet.
  • Thinner can be also used to remove the stubborn stains from the carpet but using it in a large quantity might spoil the entire surface of the carpet too.
  • Other best and most effective ways to clean the nail polish stain is to spray a few amounts of window cleaner on it. It will help to break down the dirt particles and will help to eliminate them easily.
  • Alcohol can be used as well to remove various types of stubborn stains from the carpet. It has the power to eliminate the harder stains from any object.
  • Once the rest of the nail polish has been removed from your carpets. Use the non-acetone nail polish remover. Blot it with a towel or a clean white cloth.
  • Continue to scrub the stain until it is completely removed from the carpet. If you don’t get satisfactory results repeat the process.

Hire The Experts

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