Protect Your Carpets in Swarming Rainy Seasons

Once the rainy season arrives, it’s really difficult for any person to maintain it properly. Every moment people arrive at home with muddy, wet feet and walk over the carpet, all our hard labor and efforts to keep it clean goes in vain. But there are some artificial and natural remedies to have the moisture and mud completely out of your carpet. 

Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services

The Solutions for Carpet Protection Services are Listed Below.

  1. Remove Shoes Before Entering Home –

    In most of the cases, nearly 80% of the dirt comes from outside of home, which is being brought automatically by the soles of the shoes of the outsiders. It can be properly maintained and controlled if we take some steps and precautions. During the rainy season, we should not allow outsiders to come inside home by wearing muddy shoes inside. We should provide some space or shoe rack outside for family members, guests, friends, etc for storing shoes there and then come inside home with barefooted.

  2. Clean Paws of Pet –

    It’s not only feet of humans who bring dirt or mud inside home. If you are keeping pets at home, then it is deliberate that mud or dirt may come along with their paws also. So as a reliable carpet cleaning tips and solution we should wipe their paws with a clean cloth properly from outside before entering home.

  3. Try to Keep Door Mats at The Entrance –

    During the rainy season even if we keep our shoes outside of home, sometimes it may also happen some mud or dirt may stick to our feet. So as a solution, if we keep door mats in front of the entrance and use them properly by rubbing our feet before coming inside of our home. But you should keep in mind to clean the door mats at a regular interval.

  4. Spot Removal Treatment –

    After taking these above preventive measures, sometimes it may happen that mud or dirt may stick to some corner parts of the room carpet. In that situation, please avoid using any punitive carpet disinfection solution to remove that spot. It is always a very good practice to use a desiccated hygienic white cloth to stain that spotted muddy area which lifts the moisture at that moment only.

  5. Stain Guard Treatment –

    Sometimes when we purchase any room carpet, we can see that carpet has stain guard applied in it. This stain guard helps to retain soil on the outward portion of the carpet and avoid it from wringing into the threads.

  6. Deep Cleaning Service –

    It is mandatory to keep in mind that annually or every 6 months you should call a deep wet carpet cleaning service of your carpet. Deep cleaning service always helps to keep your carpet clean and long-lasting.

  7. Use Vacuum Cleaner

    If you are using carpet at your home, then you must purchase a vacuum cleaner to soak up water from the carpet especially during the rainy season.

  8. Use Ceiling Fans or Air Conditioners

    Humidity is one of the fundamental causes of soiling of carpets during the rainy season. If the level of moisture in the air is high, then there is a high tendency of soils or stains set into your carpet. In those situations, it is highly recommended to use ceiling fans or air conditioners to remove the moist air out of your home.

Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services

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