How To Steam Clean Fabric Lounge Suite?

There is no better place to watch tv, gossip and play video games than your fabric lounge suite. A sofa keeps the body position straight and relaxing at the same time unless you decide to sleep on it. Spills and stain can happen on the fabric lounge suite because we eat and drink, however, there’s no need to panic if you spill something or got stain on the lounge suite. There are some easy ways to clean stains and spills as well as remove all bacteria.

Fabric lounge suite steam cleaning is the best way to treat germs, stains and spills. Below steps and process of fabric lounge suite steam cleaning is mentioned, follow them in order to clean your fabric lounge suite.

Steps For Fabric Lounge Suite Steam Cleaning

Steps For Fabric Lounge Suite Steam Cleaning

Reclaim The New Look Of Your Fabric Lounge Suite By Following These Simple Tips And Tricks.

Before cleaning the couch always check the label and manufacture cleaning instructions. If there are no manufacturer instructions do not get tense, there must a tag on your fabric lounge suite. Find that it’ll help you in cleaning the fabric lounge suite, the label contains the clue about the material. Each type of symbol represent the washing method for fabric, follow it strictly to avoid any damage to the fabric.

Usually, there are four letters mentioned in fabric lounge suite, here what each letter represents.

  1. W — Cleaning can be done using water.
  2. S — Avoid water, buy a special type of solvent based cleaner.
  3. WS — Both water and solvent based cleaner are safe on fabric.
  4. X — Should be vacuum clean only.

Follow the label strictly in order to achieve the best cleaning results and to avoid any mishap.

Remove Any Existing Stain Before Fabric Lounge Suite Steam Cleaning.

To remove the stains you need few things to start the cleaning.

  1. A vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment
  2. Light coloured microfibre cloth.
  3. A bucket
  4. Distilled water
  5. Liquid dish soap
  6. White vinegar

Before using any homemade solution on the fabric do a spot test, to ensure that it’s safe on the fabric. Follow the steps to remove stains and spills.

  1. Vacuum the couch first so you don’t rub against dirt and grimes, remove all the dust and debris.
  2. Take the bucket and add two cups of water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar in it. Now, take the microfiber cloth and dampen it with the solution.
  3. Blot the stain affected area with the damped microfibre cloth and hold it there for few seconds, keep repeating this process. Do not scrub or rub the surface as it may cause damage to the surface of fabric lounge suite.
  4. Now take another microfibre cloth and soak it in fresh water, then blot the cleaned area with it to remove soap residue.
  5. Take another dry microfibre cloth and blot it on the wet area and dry it under a fan.

Now your fabric lounge suite is prepared for steam cleaning, roll out the big guns and get your fabric lounge suite cleaned completely.

Steps For Fabric Lounge Suite Steam Cleaning


Connect the steam cleaning machine to the nearest socket, fill the water up to the safe level and turn on the switch. Let the water turn hot inside the machine.

In an automatic steam cleaning machine choose the most appropriate heat settings according to your lounge suite fabric. It’s recommended to keep the heat settings to medium so that the cleaning won’t cause any damage to the fabric.

Remove the couch cushions and clean it separately. Start the cleaning going from top to bottom position of the lounge suite. Use the steam cleaning machine the way you use your vacuum cleaner and slowly move the steam cleaning machine to properly clean the lounge suite.


Dry the whole lounge suite and all the accessories, point the fan towards the lounge suite to let it dry completely. Do not expose the lounge suite in direct sunlight as it may damage the fibre of your lounge suit and may also cause discolouration.

The benefit of steam cleaning your fabric lounge suite

There are a number of benefits of steam cleaning your fabric lounge suite. The notable ones are:

  1. The perfect removal of dirt, stain and microbes making it completely fresh, clean, and healthy.
  2. It feels better to see clean sofa in a clean house.
  3. It will prevent the damage created by dirt and stain increasing its life.
  4. A healthy environment inside the house.
  5. Good impression and no hesitation for inviting friends or relatives. 

Call In Professionals

If your fabric lounge suite has stain, spills or other unwanted things, it’s always best to call in the professional fabric lounge steam cleaners. We at IANS Cleaning Services are fabric lounge suite steam cleaning experts and acquired the expertise in all types of upholstery cleaning. If you’re looking for best couch cleaning we’re the ones you were looking for all this time. Give us a call on our 24/7 toll-free numbers also visit our website for free quotation and more.