How Dangerous Can Be Moulds On Sofa?

Mould can turn to be a big problem for your house, but only if you will allow the mould to be problematic for your family. If the ready source of the moisture makes the conditions right, then the mold spores can also take hold on the flooring as well as the wall. In case, if you are sensitive or allergic to the moulds, then the mould growth can also start to affect your health. There are many things which you can do to prevent the growth of mould on your upholstery items. The upholstery cleaning services can contribute to preventing mold growth in your house and affect your health. 

Sofa Mould Removal
Sofa Mould Removal

How Household Molds Take Hold

Mold is also known to be the naturally occurring fungus found in the environment and some of the moulds are found in houses where the dirt and dust get collected. While most of the household mold does not cause problems, tiny mold spores around your house can multiply in the moist environment. 

You may also have seen the growth of mold on the plants and food. The mold can also grow on paper, fabric, and wood as well as in building materials such as home furnishings and drywall. The upholstery cleaning service experts found that household molds can find the breeding ground in your house if you have problems with the same: 

  1. High levels of humidity from humidifiers, improper venting of the clothes dryer, 
  2. Backed-up sewers
  3. Leaks on the roof of your house
  4. Flooding
  5. Dampness in the basements as well as crawl spaces under your house
  6. Pooling water from the leaky plumbing or the overflowing bathtub 

The good thing is that if you quickly fix the leaks and clean the water from the flooded basement, you should make sure that the area is dried thoroughly, you can also keep the mold spores in the air to be resident in your house. If the sofa of your house gets wet, you need to dry it immediately for preventing mold growth.

How Household Molds Affect Health

Every type of mold can also cause a variety of respiratory problems. Some of the people who are sensitive to mold will also get a reaction; people who are allergic will also have a noticeable response. Some of those contain the chemical known mycotoxin and they can be harmful if inhaled. 

The Household Molds Can have These Symptoms:

  1. Nasal problems like congestion, sneezing,  and runny nose
  2. Throat problems 
  3. Difficult, wheezy breathing
  4. Worsening allergy symptoms 
  5. Frequent cough
  6. Rash on the skin
  7. Asthma attacks
  8. Red, irritated eyes
Sofa Cleaning Service
Sofa Cleaning Service

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