What Preventive Measures Can You Take After your Carpet is Thoroughly Cleaned?

You have to maintain your carpets on a daily basis as these are the most necessary as well as important part of the decor . There are many carpet cleaning companies that can work very professionally as they can fulfill your both needs commercial as well as residential. After they 

cleaning your carpet thoroughly it’s really very important to safeguard the carpets. 

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Some of The Preventive Measures You Can Take After Getting your Carpet Cleaned

  1. Vacuum It Regularly –

    Carpets must be vacuumed on a regular interval of times. You have to vacuum your carpet twice a week even if your carpet is looking neat and clean as this will eliminate minute dust particles from it. Vacuuming on a regular basis ensures good health of carpet. Especially, when it is done after the carpet cleaning in Canberra procedure is concluded, it helps in maintaining the cleaning as it is. The second thing, which regular vacuuming of carpets does is to help you get rid of any additional layer of dust which may cover cleaning of the carpet. 

  2. Do Not Use a Scrubber While Removing Stains –

    Do not scrub the carpets when you are removing any type of stains from it as this can spoil your carpet’s fabric. Instead of scrubbing the spoiled area you should bloat that area with a neat and clean cloth. Blotting will absorb most of the stain very effectively.

  3. Avoid Shoes –

    Instead of shoes you are advised to wear socks or you can use home slippers also but make sure those home slippers should not be used outside. Even if you rub your feet, there is no guarantee that your doormat will absorb all the dirt particles stuck to it.

  4. Act Quickly As You Can –

    You should act immediately as soon as you notice a stain on your carpet. If the stains are left on your carpet for a longer time it makes your carpet look vulnerable. No matter what kind of method you use to clean the stained area, what matters is you have to act rightly at the right time.

  5. You Have to Make a Plan for your Pets –

    Most of you must have them. We have to vacuum more often rather thrice a week due to the constant shedding of their hairs as well as their dirty paws when we have pets in our homes. We have to clean our carpets thoroughly as well as very frequently because of the unhygienic environment they bring in which lays down in carpet. Cleaning Carpets is an expertise, which should be surely done in advance and postpartum, when carpet cleaning is done.

Other things which can help you to maintain carpets post cleaning from Ians Cleaning Services;

The team of Ians Cleaning Services ensures giving this tip to the user that one should pertain from rubbing solutions on the carpet as it can cause damage permanently. 

Other Than That, Other Services Include;

  1. Carpet Restretching 
  2. Carpet Correction/Repair
  3. Tile and Grout Cleaning

We can be called for services within a notice period of 4 hours, as we provide same day carpet cleaning solutions too. Try us, and say yes to carpets forever.